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Nestled within the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, Gozo is an alluring island gem, often dubbed as Malta’s tranquil sister. From its time-weathered buildings to rolling green hills, Gozo is steeped in cultural richness and unparalleled natural beauty. However, what truly sets it apart is its spectacular collection of beaches, which are an integral part of the Gozo experience.

Understanding the Beaches of Gozo

On Gozo, the beaches are as diverse as they are beautiful, falling into three main categories: sandy, pebbly, and rocky. Each type comes with its unique aesthetic and sensory appeal, creating a dynamic tapestry of coastal experiences.

Sandy beaches are soft underfoot, perfect for traditional beach games or lounging in the sun. Pebbly beaches, with their hypnotic sound of waves washing over stones, hold a rugged charm. Lastly, the rocky beaches, with their dramatic cliffs and geological wonders, provide a sense of awe and adventure, ideal for those who do not like sandy beaches.

The Sandy Beaches of Gozo

Ramla Bay

Located in the northern part of Gozo, Ramla Bay is accessible via public transport, by car, hop on hop off bus or by a pleasant walk from the village of Xaghra or Nadur. This expansive sandy beach is flanked by hills and adorned with dunes, providing ample space for sun worshippers and picnic enthusiasts.

Known for its distinct red-tinged sand and the iconic statue of the Virgin Mary standing in the middle, Ramla Bay offers a blend of natural beauty and intriguing mythology. Its uniqueness lies in the Calypso Cave, reputedly the cave referred to by Homer in The Odyssey, which overlooks the beach and lends a touch of mythical allure.

Ramla Bay offers various amenities for a comfortable beach visit. There are two restaurants for meals and refreshments, as well as snack and ice cream options. Shower and toilet facilities are available for convenience, with deckchairs and umbrellas for hire. Street vendors sell beach essentials like sunscreen, hats, beach toys, goggles, and inflatables for families with children.

San Blas Bay

Reachable by a steep path (very steep!) from the village of Nadur, San Blas Bay offers an idyllic retreat. This smaller, less crowded counterpart to Ramla Bay provides basic amenities, including a small kiosk for refreshments.

What sets San Blas Bay apart is its secluded, almost secret feel. The steep trek to get there only adds to the sense of discovery and seclusion. Plus, its emerald green waters create a stunning contrast with the orange-hued sand, making it a photographer’s paradise.

How to get there: Getting to San Blas Bay is an adventure. You can drive, but parking is limited and the steep descent to the bay is challenging for standard vehicles, though manageable for 4x4s. Alternatively, taxis or public buses are available, with the bus stop approximately 2 kilometres away. The ensuing walk through the fertile farmland is enjoyable, offering insight into local farming and leading you to the serene beauty of San Blas Bay.

The Pebbled Beaches of Gozo

Dahlet Qorrot Bay

Nestled near the village of Nadur, Dahlet Qorrot Bay is a serene pebbled beach accessed by a winding road. It offers basic amenities, including a small snack bar and boat rentals for those keen on exploring the coastline.

What makes this beach unique is its quaint, fishing village ambiance. The surrounding area is peppered with traditional boathouses carved into the rocks, lending it an authentic Maltese charm.

How to get there: Travel to Dahlet Qorrot Bay by car with ample parking, or use a taxi for a direct route. If you choose public transport, the bus stops 2 kilometres from the bay. The walk to the bay takes you through stunning Gozitan countryside, rugged cliffs and thriving farmland. Halfway through, enjoy the magnificent view of the sea and Saint Philip’s Bay. The return journey is steep, but the beauty of Dahlet Qorrot Bay makes it worthwhile.

Hondoq Bay

Located on the outskirts of Qala, Hondoq Bay is a small pebbly beach with crystal clear waters, equipped with basic amenities including 2 snack bars, showers and toilet facilities.

The unique allure of Hondoq Bay lies in its remarkable views of Comino and the Blue Lagoon. Its waters are a favourite among snorkellers and divers due to the abundance of sea life found here.

At this picturesque locale, you can partake in a variety of water-bound activities. Choose from hiring a boat, a kayak or a canoe to explore the azure waters at your own pace. Alternatively, for a quick and thrilling jaunt, hop on a water taxi and find yourself in Comino in just five minutes.

How to get there: Getting to Hondoq Bay is a breeze. For those travelling by car, there is plenty of parking available adjacent to the bay, ensuring your journey is as seamless as possible. Taxis provide another convenient option, or if you prefer to utilise public transport, local buses will bring you within 1.8 kilometres of the bay.

The route to Hondoq Bay is a visual treat, offering sweeping views of Malta, Comino and Hondoq Bay itself. As you meander down towards the bay, you will be treated to a continually unfolding panorama that enhances the charm of your journey. Despite the distance, every step is a reward in itself, building anticipation for the delights Hondoq Bay has in store.

Xwejni Bay

Situated near Marsalforn, Xwejni Bay is a pebbled beach known for its calm, shallow waters and salt pans, where sea salt is traditionally harvested. There are 2 snack bars in Xwejni, which server lunch, dinner, snacks, cocktails and drinks, and other restaurants close by.

Xwejni Bay’s unique attraction is its sprawling salt pans, which have been a part of Gozitan tradition for centuries. This historical aspect, coupled with the tranquillity of the bay, make it an intriguing spot for visitors.

How to get there: You can easily reach Xwejni Bay by car (ample parking space), taxi, or public transport. If taking the bus, there’s a short, one-kilometre walk to the bay from the drop-off point.

The Rocky Beaches of Gozo

Mgarr ix-Xini

Mgarr ix-Xini, reached via a winding road from Sannat or Xewkija, is a secluded rocky beach nestled within a deep, narrow fjord. The beach has a rustic snack bar and a food truck and is also a popular spot for diving and snorkelling.

Its uniqueness lies in the serene atmosphere and the breathtaking natural scenery, including the towering cliffs that flank the bay. This spot served as a backdrop for the film By the Sea (2015), directed by Angelina Jolie, enhancing its allure for film buffs.

How to get there: To reach Mgarr ix-Xini, you can take a car or taxi. If taking public transport, there’s a pleasant 2.2-kilometre walk through the countryside from the nearest bus stop, with a valley on one side and farmland on the other.

Xlendi Bay

Located near the village of Munxar, Xlendi Bay is a rocky beach with sandy patches, lined with several restaurants and cafes.

What makes Xlendi Bay unique is its mix of sand and rock, its stunning sunset views, and its proximity to Xlendi Tower, an old watchtower. This combination of natural beauty and historical significance makes Xlendi a must-visit.

At Xlendi, you can hire a self-drive boat or try watersports like canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating, stand-up paddle boarding, jet skiing, and water skiing.

How to get there: To reach Xlendi Bay, you can take a car, taxi or bus. Parking can be busy in summer so you might have to park a few metres up the road. The hop-on hop-off bus also stops at Xlendi Bay.

Inland Sea Beaches in Gozo

Dwejra Bay

Found near San Lawrenz, Dwejra Bay houses the Inland Sea, a small lagoon linked to the Mediterranean Sea through a narrow natural arch. There is a snack bar right next to the beach, 3 ice cream trucks and a restaurant and a diving centre in the area.

Its uniqueness lies in the Inland Sea itself and the fascinating marine life in its waters. Divers can navigate through the 80-metre tunnel to emerge into the open sea, revealing an underwater world teeming with life. There’s also boat rides available for people who want to go through the tunnel with a boat. It will also take you to see some caves around the area with crystal clear water and orange coral, cliffs, and pass by the famous Fungus Rock.

How to get there: You can get to Dwejra by taxi, car, public transport or a hop on hop off bus. There’s ample parking space to park your car. There are also several tours around Gozo that take you to the main tourist attractions including Dwejra. These tour companies use different means of transport including tuk-tuk, quadbikes and jeeps. You can book a tour online.

The Hidden Gems: Secluded Beaches in Gozo

Wied il-Ghasri

Located near the village of Ghasri in Gozo, Wied il-Ghasri is a secluded inlet accessible by a steep staircase. This beach offers no facilities, emphasising its untouched beauty.

What makes Wied il-Ghasri unique is its dramatic setting – it’s like a fjord, wedged between high cliffs. The narrow, secluded bay provides a sense of tranquillity, while the surrounding area is great for hiking and exploring.

Ix Xatt L- Ahmar

Located on the southern coast of Gozo, Xatt l-Ahmar, or ‘Red Beach’, offers a tranquil retreat away from the crowd. Easily accessible by car, taxi, or a short bus ride to Ghajnsielem and a scenic walk, this bay offers breathtaking coastal views. The serene beach, composed of pebbles and rocky platforms, is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or immersing yourself in a good book.

For adventurous visitors, Xatt l-Ahmar’s underwater world hosts three shipwrecks, now transformed into flourishing artificial reefs. Diving these wrecks promises an unforgettable experience, but requires advanced skills and a local guide. Frequented less by tourists, Xatt l-Ahmar provides an undisturbed environment, making it an ideal location for visitors to unwind and absorb the natural beauty of Gozo.

Adventure and Water Sports at Gozo’s Beaches

Gozo’s diverse coastline is a playground for water sports enthusiasts. From jet-skiing and windsurfing to diving and kayaking, the options are plentiful. The best beaches for these activities often depend on what you’re looking for. For instance, the calm waters of Xwejni Bay and Mgarr ix Cini are perfect for kayaking, while the vibrant marine life at Hondoq Bay offers an excellent diving experience.

Most beaches have nearby facilities or shops that rent out equipment and offer lessons for beginners. Always remember to follow safety guidelines and respect the marine environment when participating in these activities.

Essential Tips for Visiting Gozo’s Beaches

Visiting Gozo’s beaches is a year-round activity, though spring and autumn are particularly pleasant due to the moderate temperature and fewer crowds. Understanding beach flags – red for danger, yellow for caution, and green for safe – can help ensure your safety.

Practising ‘Leave No Trace’ principles is critical. This means taking your rubbish with you, not disturbing wildlife or removing natural objects, and respecting the natural environment.

Understanding and appreciating these differences is key to fostering responsible tourism. Gozo’s natural beauty must be protected and cherished for future generations to enjoy, which requires a commitment from each visitor to minimize their environmental impact.


GOZO Gozo Accommodation | Farmhouses With Pool Malta

The Maltese archipelago’s island of Gozo mixes tranquillity and beauty with culture, history, and identity.

The earliest free-standing megalithic temples are the Ggantija Temples in Xagra, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Gozo, a 67-square-kilometer island in the Mediterranean, with a 7,000-year history. Gozo is supposed to captivate anyone who steps foot there with its pristine beauty and genuine charm that other areas have lost.

Gozo is the place to be if you need to find calm in the midst of a turbulent world. The island, which appears to have been lost in time and space and has maintained a certain allure that draws people captive to its beauty, is best described as idyllic. From its little villages with their enormous baroque churches to the imposing Citadel with its cathedral honouring Our Lady’s Ascension, this charm can be found everywhere.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

Gozo appears to be an other world. One may have believed that its joy and peaceful atmosphere were lost treasures to the passage of time. It’s the same query that Ulysses would have asked when, according to tradition, he halted from his travels in Gozo after becoming enamoured with the nymph Calypso. With its unspoiled beauty and undiscovered harshness calling out to be explored, one will undoubtedly stay enthralled today and wonder whether Ulysses’ captivity was on purpose. There is no doubt that the tired traveller will find comfort on this tiny island.

A picturesque ferry ride that lasts 25 minutes connects the island to the main land of Malta and departs once every hour. Sustainability has been at the forefront of the island’s efforts in tourism, a sector that substantially contributes to the economic life in Gozo and is connected to 96 other European airports via the Malta International Airport.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

Gozo is concentrating its efforts on creating small and sustainable niches, like strolling, cultural tourism, and adventure sports like diving, kayaking, and climbing. Three yearly international music festivals, three full-fledged operas with world-famous performers, and two opera houses in Victoria are just a few of the highlights of Gozo’s robust cultural calendar.

Indeed Gozo can be proud of its two opera theatres which the islanders built with much fervour, given their enshrined love for culture and the arts.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

It is amazing how much culture, history, and natural beauty can be found on such a little island. Those that manage to visit Gozo are in amazement of how a small area of land can provide such a rich experience; as a result, many keep coming back, and the fortunate end up making it their permanent home.


One of the family-run estates dotted throughout the island is open for visits. You can sample local wines and agricultural items including tomato paste, jams, fruit, and olive oil that are made in the area. Since they have frequently been cultivating the land for generations, the family in charge of these estates are quite passionate about what they do and will give you an honest explanation of the produce. In addition, if you visit Gozo during the fruit-harvesting season, you may still run into farmers along several of the valleys of the island.

All around the island, there are a number of well-established walking paths. In addition to offering breathtaking views, the coastline itself is a rich source of history and tales of triumph and failure. Some of the salt pans date back to Roman times, and there is an old legend about a wealthy watchmaker who attempted to continue enhancing his wealth by producing salt in 1745 but failed.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

However, Gozo is much more than this. Gozo’s coastline, countryside and surrounding seas can be considered a playground for the more adventurous. Diving, kayaking and climbing are actively enjoyed in Gozo with diving the most popular, as one can find some internationally-renowned sites. There are also a number of scuttled wrecks along the island’s coast. Climbing is also a common pursuit, as the island’s sheer cliffs lend themselves perfectly for this kind of sport all year round

Gozo never ceases to astound. Gozo’s cultural calendar is packed with events, so enthusiasts of all things cultural may be confident that their wishes will be granted there. The three operas and the annual international cultural festivals are among the attractions.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes


Gozo’s tourism industry has expanded significantly over the years as more people become aware of this rare treasure of an island shrouded in legend and beauty. In Gozo, tranquilly and beauty come together in a natural and inspiring way. Its picturesque landscape, stunning beaches, and sheer cliff edges make it the perfect getaway for thrill seekers.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

A stroll through the countryside or coastline, which is peppered with lovely and ancient watchtowers that formerly served as a warning when plundering corsairs first appeared, can be the perfect way to cap off a lovely day. The kindness of the residents and the unique local fare, such freshly baked ftira or local wine, at one of the old pubs strewn around the villages, fascinate visitors to the island.

Local artisanal goods can be found in intriguing workshops all around the island as well as in the Ta’ Dbiegi crafts hamlet. The magical beauty of Gozo has inspired an upsurge of artists, who have created an intriguing new line of goods that are uniquely Gozitan while still standing apart from traditional crafts.

Autumn is the ideal time to visit Gozo because of the pleasant temperatures, warm, clear waters, and deserted beaches. When the water temperature averages a relaxing 23C and the coastal areas are delightful havens of unspoiled nature, beaches remain busy far into November.

Gozo Accommodation | Farmhouses With Pool Malta

Because it is safe and offers a wide variety of activities, the island is a fantastic vacation spot for families as well. The youngsters will have a great time kayaking to one of Gozo’s bays while admiring the breathtaking coastline and the exquisite water. There are a variety of outdoor activities available, including boat rides, segway tours, horseback riding adventures, boarding, bicycling, and diving. The island of Gozo has something for everyone to enjoy and will keep the whole family occupied in nature, which is what really matters.


If you really want to experience this life then what is better than a stay in one of the cosy farmhouses or restored houses of character which dot the Gozitan countryside and traditional villages? Gozo Self Catering Holiday Homes where you will find an extensive selection of exclusive holiday homes in Malta. All of our properties have been “hand picked” for their ideal settings, high standards, and affordability. We only provide you with the very best vacation houses. Our commitment to quality and style has drawn the best vacation rentals that constantly satisfy the demands of discriminating travellers. Nobody works more, in our opinion, to provide you with the best vacation rentals.

Gozo Accommodation | Farmhouses With Pool Malta

Getting around Gozo is very easy, with its good (and cheap) network of public transport – one can easily enjoy lunch or dinner in one of the traditional villages, which are often associated with a local football club or band club. Gozitans will not find it difficult to start a chat, especially if you are a football enthusiast or you simply want to while away the time over a glass of wine.


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A remarkable home with unique features and breathtaking views of the Gozitan countryside on the north side, adorned by an architectural wonder like Ta’ Pinu Shrine. This idyllic setting is alluded to by an infinity pool with a sizable deck area furnished with seats and outdoor eating options. Inside this well-appointed vacation home, the atmosphere shifts to modern with a shabby-chic twist. Due to this, “Twilight Holiday Home” has become one of Gozo’s most sought-after getaway properties.

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  • Infinity Pool with sun loungers
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Holiday home consists of 4 bedrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge and a coffee machine, and 5 bathrooms with a shower. Outdoor area with infinity pool, six sun loungers, a 10-seater outdoor dining table, a gazebo, a charcoal grill with BBQ utilities, and a mature garden.


A ground-floor maisonette with a private outdoor area equipped with outdoor furniture and a hot tub or jacuzzi. The interior is cozy and designed with a modern twist. highly furnished and well-equipped. Ideal for those on a budget looking for a romantic getaway, a beach vacation, or a warm and sunny winter vacation. Two large and child-friendly communal pools with ample deck space, landscaped gardens, a serene atmosphere, historical sites, and sensational views will definitely add value to determining whether this holiday home will be your next choice of stay.

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  • Two large communal pools
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  • Mosquito net screens
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The holiday home comes with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a terrace with pool views. An outdoor area with a private rear patio, three sun loungers that may also be used by the pools, a 6-seat outdoor dining table, an outdoor sofa, a 3-seat hot tub or jacuzzi, and a charcoal barbecue with BBQ tools.


Duplex maisonette with a personal outside area. The cosy, contemporary interior design is inviting. really well-equipped and furnished. Ideal for travellers on a budget seeking a romantic trip, a beach holiday, or a warm and bright winter vacation. The fact that this vacation rental has two sizable, kid-friendly public pools with plenty of deck space, planted gardens, a calm ambience, historical sites, and breathtaking views will undoubtedly factor into your decision to make it your next place to stay.

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  • Two large communal pools
  • Two ample deck spaces
  • Three deck chairs for use by the pool
  • Spectacular promenades
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free worldwide TV channels, live streaming and Video-on-Demand
  • Fully Air-Conditioned/Heated with a Pay-Per-Use euro coin system
  • Standing fans
  • Mosquito net screens
  • Free parking on-site
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This exclusive duplex holiday home comprise of a fully equipped kitchen, dining and living area with satellite TV, private front patio with charcoal grill and outdoor furniture, 2 bedrooms, one with a queen-sized bed and balcony overlooking the harbour and another with 2 single beds, sofa bed in the living area and 2 bathrooms . Moreover, this exclusive area of Fort Chambray has 2 massive pools and a large communal that you can make use of. A perfect hideaway.

We can help you organise your holiday from beginning to end because we are located in Gozo. All of the rental properties we offer are of the highest calibre, and we frequently check in with our customers to make sure that their needs are being met and exceeded. Gozo self catering holiday home also provide additional services to enhance your vacation in Gozo. There are numerous extra activities, Gozo Car Rental, and transports to and from the Malta Airport.


Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

The Knights of St. John originally ruled over the Maltese Islands, as is well known. Considering that our flag features the Maltese Cross, their heraldic emblem. But that just makes up a small portion of the intriguing history of Gozo, which dates back 7,000 years.

The strategic Mediterranean position of Gozo has played a significant role in shaping its eventful history. There have been dreadful sieges and subsequent invasions. But Gozo’s history is also one of perseverance and respect for the past.

Fortunately, much of our past can still be seen in the architecture, scenery, traditional culture, native food, and language of Gozo. We are surrounded by history, and learning about Gozo’s past can be enjoyable for the whole family.


Around 5000 BC, settlers from Sicily are thought to have become the first inhabitants of Gozo. The famed Gantija temples, which were built between 3600 and 2500 BC, provide Gozo with some incredible evidence of this rich Neolithic community.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

This megalithic temple complex is almost 5,000 years old, older than Egypt’s famous pyramids, and is included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The complex’s walkway leads you through the temples, which are located just outside of Xaghra.

Additional traces of our old Bronze Age society can be found farther south, close to the breathtaking cliffs at Ta’ Cenc. Three tombs at Ta’ Cenc have been dated to between 2,500 and 1,500 BC, and some traces that appear to have been cart ruts have been carved into the limestone plateau.


Around 1500 BC, the flat-topped hill that would ultimately become The Citadel, or Cittadella in Victoria, was the site of Gozo’s first defensive structures (Rabat).

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

The Phoenicians, who colonised Gozo around 700 BC, made the Citadella’s defences stronger. 500 years later, in 218 BC, the Romans land on Gozo and start erecting stronger structures and fortifications. The Citadella merges with a community called Gaulos. The Byzantine Empire of Greece eventually displaced the Romans in 535 CE. They supported the growth of Christianity in Gozo during their approximately 400 years of power.

The Gozo Museum of Archaeology in Victoria has a large collection of artefacts you may view if you’re interested in learning more about this time in Gozo’s history. And why not challenge the children to locate the Roman inscription on a piece of limestone that was eventually used to construct the Cittadella’s main gate?

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes


After a siege in 870 CE, the Aghlabid Arabs drive out the Byzantines and add Malta to their kingdom, which already includes sections of northern Africa, Sicily, and southern Italy. Islam is expanding.

The Maltese language, as well as our place names and surnames, are influenced by the Arab culture. Ghawdex, the name they gave to Gozo, is still in use today. There are distinct Arabic flavours in our local food as well.

Look for the exquisitely carved Maymnah Stone when you’re in the Gozo Museum of Archaeology. During the Ottoman era, they engraved an Islamic inscription on a Roman tablet and used it as a tombstone.


The Maltese Islands were incorporated into the Kingdom of Sicily in 1091 CE, two centuries later, and Christianity was reinstated in Gozo.

Between 1200 and 1500 CE, a number of European kings, including the Swabians from Germany, the Angevins from France, and the Aragonese from Spain, leased Malta and Gozo as feudal estates. In turn, each nation contributed aspects of their culture and cuisine to Gozo.


After being driven from Rhodes by the Ottomans, The Knights of Malta (Hospitaller Knights of the Military Order of St. John) establish a base in Malta in 1530CE. This is an important development.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

The knights constructed several homes, forts, and even jails while they were in Malta and Gozo. There is still a collection of 16th century houses from this era in the Cittadella. One of them, the Gran Costello Historic House, is a museum where you can learn about Gozo’s long-standing farming culture.

Consider adding the Old Prison Museum to your agenda; keep an eye out for some extremely old graffiti that has been etched into the walls. Additionally, you will undoubtedly encounter the Fort Chambray, which looks out over Marra Harbour, as well as the Isopu watch tower, which is situated between San Blas Bay and Dahlet Qorrot and was also constructed by the Knights.

We advise visiting the Citadel Visitor’s Center first to learn more about the site’s history and what to expect before you explore the Citadel.


The worst siege in Gozo’s eventful history took place in 1551CE when the Ottoman Turks invaded the island with 145 ships. Gozo residents were under siege in the Citadella and were subjected to a barrage of shipfire. The Cittadella suffered severe damage, and other houses and churches were also destroyed. Numerous Gozitans were taken prisoner and sold into slavery, but it’s estimated that just 300 managed to escape.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

If you visit Victoria and stroll around the Cittadella, keep an eye out for the memorial marking this horrific incident, which has an eternal flame outside the Citadel’s gate.

The Xaghra Historical Reenactment Organization brings history to life every September by staging a number of parades and activities to commemorate the great siege of Malta (the main island) that took place in 1565.


The Maltese Islands were conquered and controlled by the First Republic of France under Napoleon, ending the Knights’ 268-year reign over Gozo. There was an uprising within a few months, which developed into a two-year blockade of the French troops. The British, Neopolitans (Sicily), and Portuguese were helpful to the Maltese.

The Maltese Islands become a British protectorate after the French surrender in 1800 CE, and on July 23, 1813, Malta becomes a Crown Colony. Italian is replaced as one of the official languages in 1934 by Maltese and English.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

The recognisable old red telephone boxes you’ll find all across Gozo are one of the most obvious reminders that the British previously controlled the island.

If you happen to be in Victoria in the middle of August while visiting Gozo, you can take in the Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition, which is held annually since 1855. It is a celebration of local agricultural products, and you will witness farmers enthusiastically competing to win medals for the best honey, fruit, vegetables, and even cattle. It is said to have been inspired by the Victorian Great Exhibition in London in 1851.


Britain created a naval facility in Gozo because of its strategic location in the Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa. Malta served as the headquarters of the Mediterranean Fleet during World War 2, which made it a target for German and Italian forces.

Despite 154 days and nights of continuous bombing in 1942, which is nearly unimaginable, the Maltese Islands refused to capitulate. The Maltese people as a whole were subsequently given the George Cross by King George V on April 15, 1942. Additionally, our flag proudly represents this.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

Between 1941 and 1942, around 170 open-air air raid shelters were built on Gozo. Twenty of them, including two sizable shleters at the base of the St. Martin’s and St. John’s demi-bastions at the Cittadella, were in Victoria. You can go see these to get a sense of what life must have been like back then.

Malta officially became independent from British sovereignty on September 21, 1964. Every year, the Maltese Islands commemorate this important day with a public holiday and several cultural activities. And Malta became a republic ten years later. Then, Malta formally acceded to the EU in 2004.


Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

Any of the towns and villages of Gozo are a good choice. The island is small, the attractions are numerous, and the distances between them are little. However, vacationing in a town with a variety of attractions makes for a more laid-back and enjoyable experience. For this reason, Xaghra is the best town in Gozo for accommodations during a vacation.

Accommodations | Self Catering Apartments in Gozo | Farmhouses in Gozo for Rent


There are numerous crevices and whole temples that have graced the village of Xaghra for millennia. The Ggantija Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, predate the pyramids in antiquity! An interactive tourist centre that transports you through time has recently been added to the temple area. Another site you wouldn’t want to miss is the Ta Kola Windmill. Discover a different world as you learn about earlier customs and how villagers sustained themselves. You can enter both with a reasonably priced Heritage Malta pass.

Accommodations | Self Catering Apartments in Gozo | Farmhouses in Gozo for Rent


You could be taken aback by the sheer number of organisations and clubs as you go around town. Volunteering and social life are both very vibrant here. You are more than welcome to stop by the Band Club for tea or a cold beverage, and the vibrant Football Club bar broadcasts all games. Be prepared for a serious blend of partying and religion if you’re going in September. The local festa (feast) is held on September 8th, but festivities begin a good fortnight before. A stunning display of coordinated fireworks takes place on the seventh.

Accommodations | Self Catering Apartments in Gozo | Farmhouses in Gozo for Rent


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is activity in Xaghra Square. In addition to casual cafes and bars that also provide breakfast and snacks, it is home to award-winning restaurants. You’ll undoubtedly see several retirees whileing away their time sitting on chairs in the square; they’ll be more than happy to chat and share stories from “the good old days.”

Accommodations | Self Catering Apartments in Gozo | Farmhouses in Gozo for Rent


Xaghra is fortunate to be bordered by three bays that provide a variety of attractions. Looking for some shallow water and sand? Ramla Bay, without a doubt! Prefer a remote location with crystal-clear waters? To truly unwind on an island, take a stroll to Ghajn Barrani Bay and go swimming there. You want to sunbathe, then have a drink or dinner by the water. The ideal destination is the seaside town of Marsalforn.

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A hilltop town with panoramic views is called Xaghra. It is encircled by three bays—Marsalforn, Ghajn Barrani, and Ramla—as we’ve already mentioned, as well as by rich valleys tucked between hills. Most places can also see the Citadel. You really can’t go wrong with lodging in Xaghra. 



Invoking an optimal way of living with an excellent quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality.

A contemporary, ultra-modern, ground-floor apartment that is frequently connected with pleasure and leisure is situated on top of the red sand beach of Ramla, just outside the bustling village of Xaghra. You’ll step into a roomy, opulent atmosphere that surrounds you right away. A big private patio with a five-seater hot tub, outdoor furniture, sun loungers, a gas BBQ, and a large parasol is accessible from the floor to ceiling glass doors that flood the home with natural light. This private patio shares a level with a small gym, a sizable public deck area with numerous sun loungers, and a sizeable pool.

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Four bedrooms, a kitchen with a microwave, a flat-screen TV, a seating space, and four shower-equipped bathrooms are all included in this apartment’s amenities.

Offers both a car rental service and bicycle rentals, and local riding may be enjoyed.


An elegant and contemporary Gozitan holiday rental with private pool and hot tub.

situated next to the iconic vista of “Calypso Cave” and the most well-known red sand Ramla beach, on the outskirts of the bustling Xaghra hamlet. SiKu is a holiday rental that is ideal for unwinding and relaxing by the pool or to enjoy the seclusion of a spacious back patio that features a warm 3-seater hot tub, sunbathing areas, covered lounging areas, and an outdoor dining space complemented with a charcoal grill and an olive-tree garden.

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The apartment comes with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, bed linen, towels, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a patio with pool views. For added convenience, the property can provide towels and bed linen for an extra charge.


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A romantic getaway is all about focusing on your significant other while escaping the hustle and bustle. Gozo is a terrific spot to spend quality time together while participating in hobbies and interests that bring you closer, whether you’re attempting to renew a relationship or celebrating a significant milestone in your journey as two.


You can choose from a wide range of lodging alternatives in Gozo to meet all of your needs as a traveller. Choose between an intimate stay in a rented farmhouse or villa or a magnificent 5-star hotel. A wide variety of guesthouses, self-catering apartments, and B&Bs are also available.

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It can be difficult to imagine that Gozo, a small island, has such a rich cultural heritage. You will cherish the pleasure of exploring the town of Victoria, the Citadel, and the different villages and hamlets on the island. It is particularly noteworthy that the island has a veritable musical programme, including international music festivals and an opera season, in addition to the customary summer Mediterranean feasts. Nature and the sea are nearby, beyond the culture. In Gozo, you may genuinely have it all!

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In Gozo, seeing the sunset is rather simple. View stunning sunsets from various viewing points and allow them to uplift your spirits. Beautiful displays can be seen along the island’s western shore in places like Xlendi, Dwejra, and Xwejni. But the sunsets over higher ground in Gozo, such as the cliffs on the island’s southern side and hilltops like Xagra, Nadur, and the Citadel, are just as ominous.

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Vincent Van Gogh, a famous painter, famously penned: “For my part, I know nothing with any confidence. However, the stars themselves inspire me to dream. Gozo is known for its immaculate beaches, clear waters, exciting festivals, and picturesque historical settings. But as night falls, another breathtaking sight is in store: a starry sky that can be seen from many different spots all over the island. Because Gozo is a small island with a rocky, undeveloped, and unspoiled shoreline, it offers a unique opportunity for nature enthusiasts, stargazers, and astronomers to see the most incredible dark skies above an open sea.

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Stars, planets, space stations, the yearly Perseid meteor shower, eclipses, and of course The Milky Way over Fungus Rock may all be seen in places like Dwejra.

Enjoy the fact that you are at a unique location where you can still see The Milky Way in all its splendour as you observe the night sky in Dwejra.


Make a reservation at one of the cosy eateries with sea views to enjoy the flavours of Gozitan cuisine. Although local ingredients and the characteristic Mediterranean seasons are the foundation of Gozitan cuisine, the chefs there will pleasantly surprise you with a diverse menu.

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Gozo is a great place to go on a date any time of year. After all, it is the island where, according to Homer, the siren Calypso enchanted the brave Ulysses for a long seven years!


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Small though it is, the Mediterranean island of Malta is likely to be more cultural and cosmopolitan than you could ever imagine. In a single day, you could swim at sandy or rocky beaches, admire scenic countryside views, delve into Malta’s turbulent past, and dine at Michelin-starred restaurants. All are within quick and easy reach!


Malta has practically constant sunshine, but the seasons still change. Summers that are pleasant and ideal for the beach, springs that are dazzlingly colourful and bright, moderate winters, and cosy autumns. Malta is certainly endowed with beautiful weather, which makes it a desirable trip year-round, peak season or not.

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Whether travelling alone, with family, or with friends, there is a complete programme of social events. You’ll never get bored in Malta thanks to events like the Strawberry Festival in the spring and the Notte Bianca cultural all-nighter in the fall, as well as the monthly village feasts in the summer and Easter Week (with its big processions and open-air exhibitions of traditional art).


Malta is the perfect vacation spot for tourists from various backgrounds.

Do you yearn for a slower tempo? You’ll adore Malta’s proximity to the sea, its opulent spas, its authentic food, and its exquisite natural beauty places.

These characteristics can be seen throughout the island in cities and villages such as the fishing hub of Marsaxlokk, Mgarr with its breathtaking countryside and sea views up north, Siggiewi and Zejtun down south, and, of course, Lija, Attard, and Balzan, also known as the Three Villages. And there are a tonne more contenders besides these few.

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Alternately, if you’re a party animal who enjoys the energy of the city, Malta has enough to offer you as well. Imagine modern, high-rise buildings, 5-star hotel amenities, shopping centres with high-end and designer goods, and hip bars and clubs where you can party till the sun comes up. The well-known entertainment districts of St. Julian’s, Paceville, Sliema, and Bugibba, as well as the areas around them, are just waiting to be discovered. Award-winning international food is also available, whether for fine dining or casual eating, all of which attest to Malta’s strong cosmopolitan side.


Malta makes up for its small size with culture and history. In its small island setting, Malta manages to fit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Malta is home to the legendary Megalithic Temples, the al Saflieni Hypogeum, and the capital city Valletta, which was founded by the Order of the Knights of St. John and is even older than the Pyramids. St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the Grandmaster’s Palace, the Manoel Theatre, and the National Library are among its collection of magnificent Baroque structures.

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And let’s not forget the Three Cities, which are located across from the Grand Harbour from Valletta’s Barrakka Gardens. Alternately, go even further back in time with a vacation to mediaeval Mdina or the Cittadella in Gozo if you enjoy fortified cities and desire the most Instagrammable twisting streets possible.


Although many visitors on Malta holidays will perhaps take the ferry to enjoy a day trip to the island of Gozo, others will choose it over Malta itself as their preferred holiday base. As a holiday destination in itself, Gozo remains unspoilt and relatively undiscovered and is a perfect location to relax and unwind!

Though only a 20 minute ferry ride away from Malta, Gozo holidays present such a diverse contrast with a landscape rich in hills, valleys and rugged cliffs. It has a unique charm all of its own for those who enjoy getting out into the great outdoors in a completely natural setting and it has plenty of things to both see and do.

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Holidays to Gozo are well suited to couples looking to get away for a few days in the sun as well as family holidays where you can relax and unwind. If the thought of getting away from it all on a secluded beach under the Mediterranean sun appeals to you then choose Gozo!

Much of Gozo’s nightlife lies within its hotels and tranquil restaurants which feature plenty of Gozo’s favourites like fresh fish, olives, figs, honey and cheese all of which are produced locally. For a night out it would be best to take the ferry to Malta and head out in Valletta or Paceville.

Gozo holidays offer a spectacular contrast to a break in Malta. in Gozo you can take in some truly majestic countryside dotted with stone farmhouses and sweeping pastures combine with interesting rock formations, caverns and caves and some of the bluest water you’ll ever see. All of contributes to the holiday experience and leaves you with magical memories that will live long after your holiday to Gozo is over.


You may be wondering where to stay now that you know where to go and what to do while on vacation in Malta. One of Gozo’s leading vacation rental businesses, Gozo Selfcatering Holiday Homes offers some of the island’s best lodgings. These homes—villas, farms, and apartments—have a special charm and personality that is hard to discover in other places.

We can help you organise your holiday from beginning to end because we are located in Gozo. All of the rental properties we offer are of the highest calibre, and we frequently check in with our customers to make sure that their needs are being met and exceeded. Other Holiday Homes in Gozo also provide additional services to enhance your vacation in Gozo. There are numerous extra activities, Gozo Car Rental, and transports to and from the Malta Airport.


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It’s once again that time of year. Your thoughts begin to move to escape the worst of the impending winter as the days get shorter, the sun has sunk into hiding, and the air grows chilly.

We have a suggestion for you if you don’t enjoy skiing or long flights to the tropics. Why not try out our lovely island of Gozo?

On Gozo, the winters are consistently warm, averaging between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius from November to the end of February. Additionally, it is typically much dryer, with plenty of sunshine and blue skies, making it ideal for outdoor activities like cycling and hiking.

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Without the heat of the summer and the throng, you may discover Gozo’s breathtaking shoreline and incredible cultural history. Even in the winter, there are a tonne of things to do on Gozo, such as our Carnival week in February. We may also assist you in finding a peaceful massage or yoga session if you’re seeking for a more tranquil vacation.

Last but not least, keep in mind that many of our Gozo Self Catering Holiday Homes offer all you need for a cosy winter getaway on Gozo, including heated pools and jacuzzis, underfloor heating, and genuine fires.


On Gozo, winter is a fantastic time to venture outside. Walking is one of the best ways to discover our beautiful island home. There is so much to see, from The Citadel to our magnificent churches.

There are many secure routes to discover. Additionally, you can attempt some of the 50 km Gozo Coastal Walk, which includes cross-country stretches as well as paths through towns and along minor rural roads.

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The various coastal and rural paths in Gozo will delight mountain bike aficionados as well. You can always find a beach or a cafe in Gozo thanks to its network of safe roads and trails.


The return of the Carnival in February will make Gozo once more the place to be for some real fun and mayhem after the Covid pandemic limitations were relaxed. We are happy to announce that Carnival Week will take place from Friday, February 17, to Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

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The streets of our nation’s capital Victoria will serve as the stage for a five-day festival including vibrant floats, incredible costumes, dancing, marching bands, and much more.

And for something completely different, we advise going to the village of Nadur to take part in the nightly Spontaneous Carnival. People can be seen here donning bizarre costumes and ugly masks because this festival is all about disguise.


It makes such a difference to be able to unwind in a warm, welcoming home away from home after spending the day visiting Gozo’s shoreline or cultural treasures.

On Gozo, many of our self-catering rental homes are what we refer to as “winter ready.” These fantastic rental homes have open fireplaces and underfloor heating, which may really make a difference during the chilly winter months. Additionally, several of our distinctive private villa and farmhouse homes have jacuzzis and heated indoor pools.

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Additionally, a few of these properties are grouped together close to one another, allowing us to provide larger families and groups of friends with the ideal winter getaway on Gozo.


We strive to ensure your Gozo Self Catering Holiday Home is as comfortable, cosy and well-equipped as you’d expect, whatever time of year you choose to have a Gozo holiday.

But we also we go that extra mile to make sure you get to make the most of your well-earned break. How? By offering a range of extra in-house services.

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We can organise special services, such as hiring a chef for your special event, which is an excellent in-house service that is also stress-free. In fact, it is our most popular service, so making a reservation in advance is highly encouraged.

We collaborate with a fully licensed mobile therapist to provide high-quality, low-cost wellness treatments to your vacation home. A delectable treat for any tourist, whether solitary, couple, family, or larger group.

  • Swedish massage
  • Back Massage: Swedish or Deep Tissue 
  • Reflexology 
  • Ayurveda Head, Swedish Back Massage and Reflexology
  • Deep Tissue Massage and Reflexology


Whether your intention is to relax and de-stress, to rejuvenate your nervous system, or to become more energized and more flexible, than booking an exclusive Yoga session can make your vacation more special!

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We can offer you 2 different Yoga styles depending on your needs.

  1. Slow Yoga – For relaxation and flexibility. Ideal to release stress and tension in the body and mind. Focusing on long holds, stillness, and deep breathing.
  1. Vinyasa/Fit Yoga – Ideal for calming the mind. Helps in building muscle strength while improving your fitness. A more flowing sequence of movement using the breath. 


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Book a trip to Gozo, Malta, and discover the undiscovered paradise of the Mediterranean. The ideal location to get away from the bustle of daily life is this hidden gem. Fly off on a romantic holiday with your better half or take the family on a more laid-back vacation. When you travel to Gozo, Malta, you’ll be staying on a historical island that is awash with the best of Maltese culture.

Gozo Selfcatering Holiday Homes is one of Gozo’s top holiday rental enterprises, providing some of the greatest Gozo accommodations. These villas, farmhouses, and flats have a unique charm and character that is difficult to find elsewhere.


We offer converted stylish farmhouses as well as luxurious villas. All houses have full equipment, air conditioning, dining area, relaxation area, barbeque and swimming pool.


A rustic-style villa with a modern shabby-chic flair named Twilight Holiday Home is located on the fringes of the Ghasri hamlet. The pool and terrace area offer unrestricted views of the surrounding countryside and the magnificent Ta’ Pinu temple. extremely serene environment.

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The house features a welcoming foyer that leads to a private courtyard with lots of shelter and a sofa and a live planter. The main living, dining, and kitchen area is an open space with breathtaking views. A large door opens to expose a private infinity pool and deck area that is complemented by a mature garden, patio furniture, a charcoal BBQ, a canopy, and deck chairs.

Because of the large sofa in front of the TV and the log fireplace in the living room, this home is perfect for a cosy winter getaway. The kitchen has everything you require.


The Gozo-Comino-Malta waterway is beautifully visible from this position, which is situated just above Mgarr Harbour. This upscale vacation residence has a private entrance, a front patio and garden, an open-concept living space with satellite TV, a modern kitchen and dining area, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and an amazing roof terrace perfect for private sunbathing and barbecue gatherings. then what? Only renters of Fort Chambray are permitted use of the two gigantic community pools.

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The holiday home offers a barbecue. Both a bicycle rental service and a car rental service are available at GetawayNpetto at Fort Chambray, while cycling can be enjoyed nearby.


The home of lavendar. located in a special, beautiful corridor that brings back memories of traditional Gozitan life. The most well-known location on the island, “Dwejra,” a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located only off the main road. An amazing example of our ancestors’ magnificent stone architecture, decorated with the vibrant hues of the indigenous prickly pear fruit, which also dominates the Gozo landscape. Of course, both conventional and contemporary conveniences are included in the new design. We are extremely proud and confident in our ability to offer you a comfortable, cost-effective vacation rental.

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The vacation home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a satellite TV, a dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, and a patio with views of the pool. Given that it contains outdoor furniture, a BBQ, a roof-top pool, and a terrace for sunbathing, this romantic getaway is the ideal vacation home.


Gee9Teen at Fort Chambray is a lodging option with free WiFi, air conditioning, an outdoor swimming pool, and grilling facilities that is situated in Marr, just 1.3 kilometres from Gorgun Beach and Ramla taz-Zewwieqa Beach, respectively. The private pool is available for use by visitors.

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A dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, a patio with pool views, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bed linens, towels, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, and all other necessities are included in the holiday rental. For your convenience, the resort offers towels and bed linens for an extra cost.


Besides to accommodation in beautiful properties, we can offer additional services.

  • Car hire we deliver rental cars to your holiday home
  • Transport around the island
  • Airport transfers / home / airport

We source some of the best vacation farmhouses and villas in Gozo and are constantly upgrading our inventory of lodging options. We are constantly monitoring the market and keeping an ear to the ground, so we are aware of what guests are looking for in a holiday rental. Some of the island’s best lodging alternatives are run and managed by us. For your upcoming vacation, we hope you’ll think about Gozo and our vacation rentals. Our promise to you is to take care of you, give you great value for your money, and make your trip special.


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Gozo is well-known for being a paradise in the summer, but it’s also a great destination in the winter, especially around Christmas. Three times in the last ten years, CNN has named Malta the best Christmas tourist destination, so you should get the idea that Christmas in Gozo would be wonderful.

As a country with a considerable Roman Catholic population, Malta, Christmas is unquestionably the biggest religious holiday there. Beautiful decorations, wonderful cultural activities, and, of course, a retail extravaganza define Christmas in Gozo.


Where is the best place to stay in Gozo on Christmas? We have specially selected places to stay and Peace Out on Gozo Island for Christmas. 

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

One of the best vacation rental enterprises in Gozo, Gozo Selfcatering Holiday Homes offers some of the best Gozo lodging. These homes—villas, farms, and apartments—have a special charm and personality that is hard to discover in other places.


Many individuals will be considering taking a well-earned Christmas break to recharge and unwind. Why not think about staying at one of our winter-ready properties if you’d prefer to enjoy the upcoming winter and Christmas rather than endure it?


The Scandinavian term best describes the excellent quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that fosters a feeling of contentment and well-being. Well, this vacation home is the perfect place to feel and practise “hygge.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

Private outside terrace with eating area and 5-seater hot tub; free wifi; 3 TVs; enormous shared pool; shared mini-gym; all within an opulent setting. The apartment has four bedrooms, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a fully functional kitchen, and it is on the ground floor.


From the moment you arrive, you get the sensation that this place is welcoming because to its limestone features that are decorated with cheerful yellow apertures.

Since the inside is decorated in a modern style and has lots of natural light, the mood is warm and inviting in the simplest sense. Inni Holiday Home is the excellent choice for everyone who wishes to spend and enjoy a retreat of peace and privacy without sacrificing the great life one deserves for the ideal vacation. It ensures a successful vacation and a blooming of quality time.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

This vacation home has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, and is 2.5 kilometres from Dwejra Bay Beach. Ta’ Pinu Basilica is also nearby, at less than 1 mile.


Villeleynah is a unique residence that takes pride in its cutting-edge design and wonderful outdoor space. situated with a view of the Xlendi valley on the edge of a cliff. The interior features a living room, 4 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, a well-equipped kitchen with a dining area, a spare bathroom with a shower, a pleasant room with a 6-person hot tub, and a bright interior patio. A two-car drive-in, a sizable terrace with a charcoal grill, a pool, and an established garden are all included.

gozo holiday homes

All 4 bedrooms are air-conditioned/heated with a pay-per-use coin meter system. The kitchen and dining area are also equipped with a stove to keep you cozy during the colder months.


A lovely, roomy apartment on the ground floor with a contemporary flair. It has a ground floor layout with three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a sizable kitchen, dining area, and living room that looks out onto a gorgeous private outdoor space. The outdoor space is enhanced by a sizable private pool, a deck area with three sun loungers, outdoor eating furniture, a charcoal barbecue, a three-person Jacuzzi/Hot tub, and an olive garden. The house is well furnished with all conveniences, including Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating, a washing machine and dishwasher, satellite TV with hundreds of channels, live streaming, and movie on demand. Located close to pubs, restaurants, grocery stores, and the spectacular and well-known Calypso Cave, which has a stunning view of Ramla Bay’s red-sand beach.

siku holiday homes Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

This apartment’s air-conditioned rooms include private pools. Rooms have patio access. Dining tables and kitchen islands are provided in the lodgings. There is complimentary wireless Internet connection available in this Xaghra unit. The guest rooms have smart televisions.

Gozo Self Catering Holiday Homes is happy to set up car rentals, Gozo tours, and various other activities for our guests. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you all the details you need about area walks, community activities, and other pertinent information.