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Sea Adventures

Be your own navigator

Self-Drive Boat Hire

Explore beaches and the coast at your pace. Make
most inaccessible coastline areas and hidden beaches accessible!

No license is required for boats up to 7 persons. However, if you do own a boat licence bring it along with you and choose your self-driven boat of preference from a good quality fleet of boats equipped with 4 stroke engines, for maximum economy and low impact on the environment.

All boats supply the following equipment on board: life jackets, lifebuoy (ring), first aid box, fire extinguisher, adjustable shade canopy, cushioned seats, sea map, waterproof box for mobile phones, enough fuel to go out for a day, icebox, swimming ladder, snorkeling gear, stereo and freshwater showers in most boats.

Private Charters – 4 or 6 hours

You cannot think about Gozo and not think about spending a day at sea! A
private boat charter is a must. Blessed with so many days of sunshine and friendly weather, cruising on the sparkly water beneath is a delight!

Ideal for large families and groups, our priority is taking you to places where you
desire and of course the boat and skipper remains at your disposal the entire
charter time!

We’ll help you plan your cruise around Gozo or Comino. An unforgettable experience for the entire group especially when we stop at your desired swimming or snorkelling spots. Fishing is also optional.

All boats are compliant with all EU safety standards and comprise full safety equipment. Other amenities like cushions, sundeck, shade canopy, swimming platform, ladders, fishing rods, snorkelling equipment, freshwater showers, music and iceboxes are included onboard.

Jet Skiing

For those of you who feel the need to conquer the sea;
for those of you who need to feel the wind through your hair;
hit the waves with jetskiing.

Jetskiing is a water sport of high speed that is perfect for improving your
balance, agility, and leg muscles. The picturesque creek of Xlendi is a
wonderful and perfect place where jetskiing can be practised in the safest
possible environment.

Jetskiing, of all water sports, is perhaps the simplest but fastest! It's the
adrenaline added to your pace that makes this experience unique!
In short… Its adventure time…

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