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If you’re still hoping to feel the warm sun on your skin, it could be difficult to locate a bright vacation spot throughout the winter. Even locations for common summer activities could be difficult to come by. One island, Gozo, has sunshine virtually all year long.


If you’re asking what you should do during winter, there’s one suggestion – go visit Gozo. The island is Malta’s second-largest. Numerous locations for activities including hiking, diving, and culture are found there.

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What’s amazing about Gozo is that whether it snows or pours outside, Gozo is probably showering guests with sunny days, keeping it a haven for fall and winter travellers.

If you choose to travel to Gozo in the winter and find this hard to believe, here are some things you can try.



The seas surrounding Gozo are among the top diving locations in the world because of their moderate temperatures and good visibility. The vibrant marine life and underwater scenery in the waters of Gozo will wow you.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

Swim through corals that are vivid shades of yellow, orange, and pink. Perhaps you’ll even run into a friendly seahorse!

Around Gozo, there are more than 50 recognised dive sites. Divers have a variety of alternatives, such as shipwrecks, reefs, and caverns. In Dwejra, the Blue Hole dive is the most well-liked.

Huge vertical tube-shaped rock structures may be seen there, and a cave teeming with marine life can be found at the bottom of this shaft.


Hiking adventures are among the nicest things to do in the winter. Tourists can go on “nature” treks in many beautiful places in Gozo.

The Ta’en Cliffs, the Dwejra area, and the saltpans region near Xwejni are some of Gozo’s most popular hiking destinations.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes


In Gozo, Christmas is a very popular festival. It’s a fantastic opportunity for visitors to learn about Maltese culture. One of the main attractions is the Gajnsielem Nativity Scene, which takes place over the Christmas holidays and concludes on Epiphany and transforms Ta’ Passi into the Bethlehem Nativity Scene.

For everyone taking part in the Christmas activities, ages-old traditions and customs are also revived. You can also taste traditional sweets, participate in local customs, and practise traditional crafts during this period.


During the winter, Carnival is observed. Even while virtually every community hosts carnival celebrations, Victoria and the village of Nadur are where the majority of the action takes place.

The carnival in Victoria is typically a spectacular and colourful occasion with dance groups, parades, and floats where people party for three days straight while dancing to music and donning costumes. The carnival in Nadur, on the other hand, is a spontaneous sort of celebration, and it borders on being grotesque, humorous, and occasionally macabre.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

Check out the annual carnival in Nadur for a one-of-a-kind winter experience because of its distinctive character. The traditional kukkanja, a form of competition in which competitors attempt to climb up a greasy pole to collect as many tokens as possible, is still held in villages like Xaghra.


It’s also advised to stroll around the Gozitan towns, visit the gorgeous churches, keep an eye out for the charming chapels, and take in the tranquilly of the old-fashioned neighbourhoods.


Visit one of the cafés or bars in one of the quaint village squares for a quick snack or light lunch. You’ll discover along the way that Gozo has a history that cannot be disregarded.

Ggantija Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a thousand years older than Stonehenge, is one instance. Make sure to sample some Gozitan food at one of the many eateries to round out your village tour.


Gozo offers more than just adventure. In actuality, Gozo is home to many vacation homes. In Gozo, there are a tonne of possibilities, so whether you want a seaside view or a rural countryside setting, you’re sure to discover the ideal lodging.

Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes


Even in the winter, Gozo is the ideal destination. Whatever your preferences, Gozo has something to offer you. So keep Gozo in mind the next time you’re looking for somewhere fresh to travel to in the winter.

Take note of the various activities you can engage in, such as scuba diving, swimming, wandering through historic towns, celebrating Christmas, and having a good time at exciting carnivals.

Additionally, if you ever feel the need for some downtime, you may always choose upscale accommodations to make your trip to Gozo truly unforgettable.


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