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Booking Contract

Your stay at our accommodations

The responsible guest acknowledges responsibility for:

  • all details given;
  • giving permission to pre-authorise from a valid credit card, a pre-agreed amount of Security Deposit which is fully refundable automatically after 2 days from check-out;
  • all guests’ behaviour who will occupy the property for the period for which it has been booked;
  • informing all guests within his/her group about these booking conditions beforehand;
  • being informed both verbally and in writing not to generate any noise whether through loudspeakers or such other means which can be of any inconvenience or nuisance to neighbouring residences. Loud music
    or noise is strictly NOT PERMITTED at any time and the property is not to be used for parties or similar events unless authorised by the management;
  • any police action against the establishment which can be drawn into the court case to respond to the accusations, and if found guilty, will be held responsible of any damages incurred;
  • the listed number of guests staying at the property or at any time using the property’s facilities. Any breach of this provision will constitute a breach of contract whereupon the management may charge an extra amount he deems right from the pre-authorised amount of ‘Security Deposit’ and/or, may even terminate the booking forthwith in which event all money paid by the guest will be forfeit;

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  • paying extra for Air-Condition/Heater consumption either through coin meters (1 or 2 euro coins), card meters (20 euro cards) or for any extra units consumed daily above 45 units at a fixed rate of €0.33 per unit consumed exclusive of VAT.
  • paying for any losses and/or damages to the property including contents. The management reserve the right to charge the responsible guest from same pre-authorised security deposit.
  • taking good care of the property, leaving it CLEAN and TIDY and observing all ‘Guests’ Responsibilities’ listed on a separate page. An extra charge of 100 euro applies if property is left in a very untidy state and disorder;
  • permitting the management reasonable access to the property if deemed necessary;
  • agreeing that the use of the property or any amenity found at the property is entirely at the guests’ risks and no responsibility will be accepted by the management for any loss, damage or injury to persons who make use of them or any belongings of the persons who use them. All guests’ vehicles are to be parked entirely at the guests’ risk. The management takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to guests’ vehicles or any contents thereof;
  • for the safety of children staying at the property. Children must be properly supervised by the guests at all times;
  • Pets are not allowed unless with a specific authorisation from the management. When pets are allowed the management reserve the right to increase the amount of ‘Security Deposit’. The management take no responsibility for any loss or injury to any pets within the premises;
  • agreeing that the use of swimming pools is entirely at the guests’ risks.
  • Our swimming pools are cleaned in-between change of bookings or once a week when there is no changeover; with certified materials and by a certified professional.