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The Maltese archipelago’s island of Gozo mixes tranquillity and beauty with culture, history, and identity.

The earliest free-standing megalithic temples are the Ggantija Temples in Xagra, which are UNESCO World Heritage sites. Gozo, a 67-square-kilometer island in the Mediterranean, with a 7,000-year history. Gozo is supposed to captivate anyone who steps foot there with its pristine beauty and genuine charm that other areas have lost.

Gozo is the place to be if you need to find calm in the midst of a turbulent world. The island, which appears to have been lost in time and space and has maintained a certain allure that draws people captive to its beauty, is best described as idyllic. From its little villages with their enormous baroque churches to the imposing Citadel with its cathedral honouring Our Lady’s Ascension, this charm can be found everywhere.

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Gozo appears to be an other world. One may have believed that its joy and peaceful atmosphere were lost treasures to the passage of time. It’s the same query that Ulysses would have asked when, according to tradition, he halted from his travels in Gozo after becoming enamoured with the nymph Calypso. With its unspoiled beauty and undiscovered harshness calling out to be explored, one will undoubtedly stay enthralled today and wonder whether Ulysses’ captivity was on purpose. There is no doubt that the tired traveller will find comfort on this tiny island.

A picturesque ferry ride that lasts 25 minutes connects the island to the main land of Malta and departs once every hour. Sustainability has been at the forefront of the island’s efforts in tourism, a sector that substantially contributes to the economic life in Gozo and is connected to 96 other European airports via the Malta International Airport.

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Gozo is concentrating its efforts on creating small and sustainable niches, like strolling, cultural tourism, and adventure sports like diving, kayaking, and climbing. Three yearly international music festivals, three full-fledged operas with world-famous performers, and two opera houses in Victoria are just a few of the highlights of Gozo’s robust cultural calendar.

Indeed Gozo can be proud of its two opera theatres which the islanders built with much fervour, given their enshrined love for culture and the arts.

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It is amazing how much culture, history, and natural beauty can be found on such a little island. Those that manage to visit Gozo are in amazement of how a small area of land can provide such a rich experience; as a result, many keep coming back, and the fortunate end up making it their permanent home.


One of the family-run estates dotted throughout the island is open for visits. You can sample local wines and agricultural items including tomato paste, jams, fruit, and olive oil that are made in the area. Since they have frequently been cultivating the land for generations, the family in charge of these estates are quite passionate about what they do and will give you an honest explanation of the produce. In addition, if you visit Gozo during the fruit-harvesting season, you may still run into farmers along several of the valleys of the island.

All around the island, there are a number of well-established walking paths. In addition to offering breathtaking views, the coastline itself is a rich source of history and tales of triumph and failure. Some of the salt pans date back to Roman times, and there is an old legend about a wealthy watchmaker who attempted to continue enhancing his wealth by producing salt in 1745 but failed.

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However, Gozo is much more than this. Gozo’s coastline, countryside and surrounding seas can be considered a playground for the more adventurous. Diving, kayaking and climbing are actively enjoyed in Gozo with diving the most popular, as one can find some internationally-renowned sites. There are also a number of scuttled wrecks along the island’s coast. Climbing is also a common pursuit, as the island’s sheer cliffs lend themselves perfectly for this kind of sport all year round

Gozo never ceases to astound. Gozo’s cultural calendar is packed with events, so enthusiasts of all things cultural may be confident that their wishes will be granted there. The three operas and the annual international cultural festivals are among the attractions.

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Gozo’s tourism industry has expanded significantly over the years as more people become aware of this rare treasure of an island shrouded in legend and beauty. In Gozo, tranquilly and beauty come together in a natural and inspiring way. Its picturesque landscape, stunning beaches, and sheer cliff edges make it the perfect getaway for thrill seekers.

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A stroll through the countryside or coastline, which is peppered with lovely and ancient watchtowers that formerly served as a warning when plundering corsairs first appeared, can be the perfect way to cap off a lovely day. The kindness of the residents and the unique local fare, such freshly baked ftira or local wine, at one of the old pubs strewn around the villages, fascinate visitors to the island.

Local artisanal goods can be found in intriguing workshops all around the island as well as in the Ta’ Dbiegi crafts hamlet. The magical beauty of Gozo has inspired an upsurge of artists, who have created an intriguing new line of goods that are uniquely Gozitan while still standing apart from traditional crafts.

Autumn is the ideal time to visit Gozo because of the pleasant temperatures, warm, clear waters, and deserted beaches. When the water temperature averages a relaxing 23C and the coastal areas are delightful havens of unspoiled nature, beaches remain busy far into November.

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Because it is safe and offers a wide variety of activities, the island is a fantastic vacation spot for families as well. The youngsters will have a great time kayaking to one of Gozo’s bays while admiring the breathtaking coastline and the exquisite water. There are a variety of outdoor activities available, including boat rides, segway tours, horseback riding adventures, boarding, bicycling, and diving. The island of Gozo has something for everyone to enjoy and will keep the whole family occupied in nature, which is what really matters.


If you really want to experience this life then what is better than a stay in one of the cosy farmhouses or restored houses of character which dot the Gozitan countryside and traditional villages? Gozo Self Catering Holiday Homes where you will find an extensive selection of exclusive holiday homes in Malta. All of our properties have been “hand picked” for their ideal settings, high standards, and affordability. We only provide you with the very best vacation houses. Our commitment to quality and style has drawn the best vacation rentals that constantly satisfy the demands of discriminating travellers. Nobody works more, in our opinion, to provide you with the best vacation rentals.

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Getting around Gozo is very easy, with its good (and cheap) network of public transport – one can easily enjoy lunch or dinner in one of the traditional villages, which are often associated with a local football club or band club. Gozitans will not find it difficult to start a chat, especially if you are a football enthusiast or you simply want to while away the time over a glass of wine.


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