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You might only consider taking a vacation to Gozo during the summer. But our wonderful island is a great place to spend the winter, particularly around Christmas.

Gozo celebrates Christmas in a distinctive manner from the beginning of December to the start of the new year, with a joyful array of social and religious events held all across the island. You can see nativity scenes everywhere, as lights twinkle in the streets, churches, and homes of the villages.


Even though the evenings are longer in the winter, in Gozo we put up lights and Christmas trees in our homes and all the churches, in the village squares, and on the streets to dispel the darkness throughout the Christmas season.

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On the island of Gozo, particularly in the little settlement of Santa Luija, light can also have a holy significance. A three-day festival honouring the village’s patron saint is held every year in the middle of December. The lengthening of the days following the winter solstice is related with Saint Lucy.

The Festival of Light is one of the three days of festivities. This is a procession of young village girls carrying candles from the village square to the church while dressed in white. Fireworks, music, and traditional Santa Luija pastries are prepared to complete the display.


Without Christmas trees, it wouldn’t be Christmas, would it? Fortunately, there are plenty of Christmas trees in Gozo to enliven town squares and shopping malls.

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The 19-meter (62-foot) tall tree composed of iron bars, steel wire, and more than 4,500 donated glass bottles and illuminated with 7,000 LED lights is among the most striking and peculiar. The tree was first put up in 2020 and has since been a yearly feature. Additionally, it was named one of the “most magnificent Christmas trees in Europe” by the website European Best Destinations last year.


Wherever you are in Gozo from the end of November to the beginning of January, a nativity scene with a handmade crib and a place for the holy family and their guests to stay will be nearby. Prepju, or cribs, have been made by Gozitans from the time of the Knights of St. John. Small ones can be found in shop windows and people’s homes, while larger ones can be found in village squares.

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Additionally, Gozo is proud of its unique custom known as Bethlehem at Gajnsielem, a live-action nativity that has been going on for the past 13 years. This unusual event, which takes place in fields near the village of Gajnsielem, includes a real Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus as well as other locals and animals. The three wise men’s appearance on donkeys for the Adoration of the Maji in January brings the celebration to a close.

The Christmas Pageant presented at San Lawrenz’s square is another live performance that should not be missed. The spectacle, which tells the story of Jesus, attracts participation from almost half of the village’s residents.


Our fantastic collection of Christmas markets is another significant aspect of Christmas on Gozo. There are numerous holiday markets around Gozo throughout December that provide entertainment and goodies for the whole family.

Expect to see stalls selling a wide range of products, including regional produce and crafts as well as food and beverages. The majority offer live music, other forms of entertainment, carolers, even artificial ice rinks. This year, it’s anticipated that Santa will stop by numerous markets.

christmas in gozo | Gozo Holiday | Gozo Holiday Homes

Between December 2 and December 18, 2022, Victoria, the capital of Gozo, will host a sizable Christmas market in Villa Rundle Gardens from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on most days.


On Gozo, music is significant throughout the Christmas season. Local performers in Christmas markets, marching bands, children’s choirs singing carols, chamber, string, and brass ensembles, and even rock ‘n’ roll concerts, are just a few of the entertainment options.


Holiday Parade: If you’re in Gozo around the holidays, you must see the annual Christmas Parade. Numerous marching bands, numerous Christmas-themed floats, and a great deal of enthusiasm are all there. It winds its way up to Independence Square from Republic Street, giving you the chance to see all the vibrant characters and costumes.

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Jack and the Beanstalk: With a rock ‘n’ roll twist, a typical pantomime.

Santa’s Workshop: A chance to meet Santa, craft yourself, shop for Christmas presents, and observe local artisans at work.

So there you have it—a quick overview of what to see and do during Christmas on Gozo. We hope you’ll join us soon for our celebration. Many of our Holiday Homes have underfloor heating and real fires and can provide a cozy base for a family Christmas break.

For our visitors, Gozo Self Catering Holiday Homes is happy to arrange vehicle rentals, Gozo tours, and a variety of other activities. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you with all the information you require about local hikes, activities taken in nearby communities, and other relevant details.


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