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Summer in Gozo: Events, Life and More

Summer in Gozo

Welcome to the charming Mediterranean island of Gozo, a hidden gem of the Maltese archipelago. Characterized by its rich history, friendly locals, and stunning landscapes, the allure of Gozo is amplified in the golden embrace of summer. With its pristine beaches, vibrant festivals, adventurous outdoor activities, mouthwatering cuisine, and pulsating nightlife, a summer in Gozo promises a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Understanding Gozo's Climate in Summer

Typical of Mediterranean climes, Gozo’s summer is warm, sun-drenched, and inviting. Mid-June to late August sees temperatures soaring to 30-35°C, offering perfect beach weather. While humidity is high, cooling sea breezes offer much-needed relief. However do not expect to see rain in the summer months – the average precipitation in June, July and August are 5.4, 0.2 and 6. mm respectively. The azure skies are a constant, bringing the island’s vibrant colours to life. Tip: Try to avoid staying in the sun between 11am and 3pm during the summer months and drink plenty of water.

The Beach Life in Gozo

Home to diverse coastlines, Gozo’s beaches are an irresistible attraction. San Blas Bay, a secluded spot with reddish sands, offers a tranquil respite. The picturesque Ramla Bay is renowned for its expansive, golden sand beach, while the crystalline waters of the Blue Lagoon in Comino are ideal for snorkelling. Each beach is unique, ensuring something for every sun worshipper.

Gozo Holiday Homes | Farmhouses in Malta

Day Boat Trips

Experiencing the stunning coastal landscapes of Gozo and Comino aboard a day boat trip is a must-do summer activity, providing a unique opportunity to appreciate the azure waters, hidden caves, and picturesque beaches. These voyages not only immerse you in the natural beauty of the islands but also offer plenty of opportunities for snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing, making it a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Gozo Holiday Homes | Farmhouses in Malta

Summer Festivals and Events

Gozo comes alive in summer with various cultural festivals and events. The village ‘festas’, with their traditional music, parades, and fireworks, celebrate patron saints with pomp and fervor. Music lovers flock to the Nadur Wine Festival, while the Għanafest, Gozo’s folk music festival, resonates with local tunes. These festivities infuse Gozo’s summer with an irresistible vibrancy.

Gozo Holiday Homes | Farmhouses in Malta

List of Summer Festivals and Events in Gozo 2023

The below are the main festival and events this year in Gozo during the summer months

City Tuesdays

Immerse yourself in an eclectic array of musical talent at ‘City Tuesdays’, hosted on select Tuesdays from July 25th to September 19th at either St. George’s or Independence Square. Starting at 9:00 pm, this event presents a lively ambience filled with stirring performances and vibrant melodies.

Xwejni Music Fest

On the night of July 22nd, join the celebration at Xwejni Music Fest, held in front of Qolla L-Bajda Battery limits of Xwejni Bay, Marsalforn, Gozo. With special guest Haddaway, this event promises an unforgettable summer night of music and joyous celebration.

Nadur Saturdays

From July 15th to September 9th, savor your Saturdays at Nadur’s main Square, an enchanting venue that comes alive at 8:00pm. Relax in the vibrant setting and enjoy the wide array of delightful entertainment.

Mgarr Fridays

Kick-start your weekends at Mġarr every Friday night from July 7th to September 22nd, where you can appreciate a range of music genres and dynamic performances, all beginning at 9:30pm.

Lejl Imkebbes

Lejl Imkebbes, a captivating festival of lights, illuminates the medieval city of Cittadella in Gozo with over 30,000 candles, creating an enchanting, magical atmosphere. The night of June 30th promises historic re-enactments, live entertainment, children’s activities, and diverse culinary delights, suitable for all ages.


On June 3rd, visit Teatru Astra for ‘Rockastra’, a highlight of Gozo’s springtime music events. The performance, featuring Victoria’s La Stella Band and a roster of top local artists, promises an exceptional auditory delight.

Summer in the Square – Xewkija

Experience the vibrancy of summer in Xewkija from July 8th to September 16th, where you can enjoy live band performances and an International Food Festival every other Saturday. The events, commencing at 9:00 pm, take place in front of the iconic Rotunda.

Delicata Classic Wine Festival

On September 1st and 2nd, Delicata Classic Wine Festival brings a tasting spectacle to the viticultural heart of Gozo, Nadur. The event offers 20 exquisite wines to sample, an assortment of enticing culinary delights, and transforms Ġnien il-Kunsill into a connoisseur’s paradise.

Flames across the meadows

On July 8th, witness an awe-inspiring fireworks display synchronized with music at ‘Flames across the Meadows’, held at Kalandrijiet Street, Ta’ Kercem. This year’s spectacle features a 60 feet wide and 45 feet high replica of the London Tower Bridge, promising a visually stunning experience.

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Outdoor Activities and Adventures

Gozo’s rugged landscapes offer a playground for the adventurous. Hiking trails reveal panoramic vistas and archaeological sites, while rock climbing challenges enthusiasts with vertical cliffs. Kayaking on the azure sea offers breathtaking views of Gozo’s coastline. And below the surface, the island is a diver’s paradise with a wealth of marine life and captivating underwater landscapes.

Gozo Holiday Homes | Farmhouses in Malta

Gozo's Culinary Delights

Gozo’s cuisine is a tantalising mix of Mediterranean flavors, with a focus on fresh, local produce. Summer delicacies include the ‘ġbejniet’ (cheeselet), ‘pastizzi’ (pastry filled with ricotta or peas), and ‘ftira’ (a traditional type of bread). Seafood lovers will relish the ‘lampuki pie’ (fish pie), while the local wines are a must-try for oenophiles.

Gozo Holiday Homes | Farmhouses in Malta

Nightlife in Gozo in Summer

As the sun sets, Gozo’s nightlife awakens. Bars and clubs in Victoria and Marsalforn pulse with music and merriment, while la Grotta on the way Xlendi Bay offers patrons an unforgettable blend of breathtaking seaside views and pulsating beats. Its charm is heightened by the brilliant Mediterranean colors at sunset, setting the stage for a vibrant and dynamic evening full of dance, music, and excellent cocktails.  

For a quieter night, beachside restaurants provide romantic settings, offering delectable cuisine complemented by serene views.

Choosing the Right Accommodation For Your Summer Holiday in Gozo

From luxurious resorts and quaint farmhouses to budget hostels, Gozo’s accommodation options cater to various preferences. Consider proximity to the beaches or town centers, availability of public transport, and the amenities offered. Self-catering options can be ideal for families with kids, while couples might opt for the privacy of boutique hotels or B&Bs. Click here to check out the accommodation options on

For a quieter night, beachside restaurants provide romantic settings, offering delectable cuisine complemented by serene views.

Gozo Holiday Homes | Farmhouses in Malta

Gozo Essential Travel Tips

When planning your summer vacation in Gozo, be sure to pack lightweight clothing, swimwear, sunscreen, and a hat. English is widely spoken, so communication won’t be an issue. The island has a reliable public bus service, but renting a car, a scooter or a bike allows more flexibility. Given the numerous hills characterizing Gozo’s terrain, we suggest renting an e-bike as opposed to a bike, for a more effortless and enjoyable exploration experience.

As always, respect the local culture, keep yourself hydrated, and remember, the charm of Gozo lies not just in its attractions, but in its slower pace of life and its friendly people.

Gozo Holiday Homes | Farmhouses in Malta

In essence, a summer in Gozo offers a unique blend of relaxation and exhilaration, culture and nature, tradition and modernity. Whether you’re a beach lover, a foodie, an adventurer, or a history buff, this enchanting island promises a Mediterranean summer to remember.


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