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All you need to Know about Gozo

All you need to Know about Gozo

All your questions about Gozo answered here in our detailed guide

Is it worth going to Gozo?

Absolutely, Gozo is a natural and cultural paradise, boasting historic sites, scenic landscapes, and breathtaking beaches.

When is it best to visit Gozo?

Spring (April-June) or fall (September-November) are perfect for avoiding crowds while enjoying pleasant weather. Accommodation in Gozo is also cheaper during these months.

What type of accommodation is there in Gozo?

Gozo offers diverse accommodation options, including luxury hotels, quaint B&Bs in most villages, self-catering apartments, traditional farmhouses, and guesthouses, catering to various tastes and budgets.

How long is the ferry from Malta to Gozo?

The ferry ride from Malta to Gozo takes approximately 25-30 minutes.

How much is the Gozo ferry?

The Gozo ferry costs around €4.65 for a return ticket for adult passengers. Childern’s fares (3-12) are €1.15. Children under €3 travel free. Car and driver cost €15.70. Nigh fares after 8pm cost €12.80 for Car and driver.

Can you drive from Malta to Gozo?

Yes, you can drive to the ferry terminal in Cirkewwa, Malta, board with your car, and then drive around Gozo.

Where do you get the ferry from Malta to Gozo?

The ferry departs from the Cirkewwa terminal on the northernmost tip of Malta.

Do you need a passport to go from Malta to Gozo?

No, as Gozo and Malta are both parts of the same country, you don’t need a passport for the ferry journey.

How to get around in Gozo?

The Gozo public bus system, rental cars, taxis, bicycles, and walking are popular ways to explore the island.

How big is Gozo?

Gozo is around 67 square kilometers, a small but charming island packed with beauty.

What to buy in Gozo?

Traditional Gozitan crafts, lace, honey, and local wines are great souvenirs from Gozo.

How to go from Gozo to the Blue Lagoon?

Boat services from Mgarr Harbour in Gozo to the Blue Lagoon (Comino) operate frequently in summer.

How many churches are in Gozo?

There are over 46 churches in Gozo, a testament to its rich religious history.

Can you do Gozo as a day trip?

Yes, Gozo can be explored as a day trip, but spending a few days allows you to fully enjoy its charm.

Can you walk around Gozo?

Gozo’s size makes it ideal for walking, but be prepared for hilly terrain. We advise avoiding the peak summer heat between 10am and 4pm when the sun is at its most intense. Check out these 5 walking routes here.

Can you swim from Malta to Gozo?

While technically possible, swimming from Malta to Gozo is dangerous and not advised due to currents and boat traffic.

What is surprising about Gozo?

Gozo’s peaceful, laid-back atmosphere contrasts with its lively festas and carnivals, which might surprise visitors.

Can you drink tap water in Gozo?

While the Water Services Corporation (WSC) ensures that tap water is meticulously regulated to meet both EU and WHO Drinking Water Standards, hence it is safe to drink, we do not recommend you drink tap water in Gozo. Tap water can often taste like chlorine due to the presence of high mineral levels, including chlorine itself.

How much is beer in Gozo?

A beer in Gozo typically costs around €2-3.

How many days should you spend in Gozo?

A three to four day stay is ideal to explore Gozo’s various attractions without rushing.

Can you get around Gozo without a car?

Yes, public buses, hop on hop off buses, taxis, and bike rentals make it possible to explore Gozo without a car.

Which are the best towns in Gozo?

Victoria, Marsalforn, Ghasri and Xlendi are among Gozo’s most charming towns.

Is Gozo cheaper than Malta?

Generally, Gozo is slightly cheaper than Malta in terms of accommodation and dining.

What is the biggest locality in Gozo?

Victoria, also known as Rabat, is the largest locality in Gozo.

What is the oldest town in Gozo?

Rabat (Victoria) is considered the oldest town in Gozo.

What kind of food is in Gozo?

Gozo has some of the best restaurants in Malta, many of them serving delicious Gozitan, Maltese and Mediterranean dishes – both traditional and with a modern twist.

What is the walled city in Gozo?

The Citadel in Victoria is the famous walled city in Gozo.

Can you swim in Dwejra Bay?

Yes, you can swim in Dwejra Bay. Dwejra is known for its dramatic cliffs and the now collapsed azure window, rather than a traditional beach.

Has Gozo got sandy beaches?

Yes, Gozo boasts lovely sandy beaches like Ramla Bay and San Blas Bay.

What happened to Azure Window?

The Azure Window, a famed rock formation, sadly collapsed into the sea during a storm in 2017.

Which beaches have a blue flag in Gozo?

Currently, 3 beaches in Gozo have the blue flag – Ramla Bay, Hondoq Bay and Marsalforn Bay.


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